Weird memory error

Jack Frost jfrostx80 at
Sat Oct 1 23:16:55 UTC 2011

Someone told me to post my experiences here.I haven't used bsd in the past but anyhow i decided to try the live cd but had it result in systematic termination.apparently my bios was telling it or it was reading my memory as only having 600k of 3 gigs free(i have 4 gigs) so what i did to resolve this was to type set hw.physmem=2G and then it loaded perfectly.

I hope this can help resolve this issue in the future

kdb_enter() at kdb_enter+0x3b
panic() at panic +0x180
pmap_growkernel() at Pmap_growkernel+0x1d8
vm_map_insert() at vm_map_insert +0x47f
vm_map_find() at vm_map_find+0xa7
link_elf_load_file() at link_elf_load_file+0x862
linker_load_module() at linker_load_module+0x8ex
kern_kldload() at kern_kldload+0xac
kldload() at kldload+0x84
syscallenter() at syscallenter +0x1aa
syscall() at syscall+04c
Xfast_syscall() at xfast_syscall+0xdd
--- syscall ( 304,freebsd elf64,kldload) rip=0x8008a253c, rsp+07fffffffd7 e8,rbp = 0x7fffffffdd60 ---

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