A simple and hopefully usable FreeBSD live CD

Tim Judd tajudd at gmail.com
Sun Aug 22 21:47:31 UTC 2010

> 1. Be sure to give the CD a try and share your experiences. Does it
>   work? Does it crash? Is it usable for you? If not, why not?
> 2. Would a CD like this be a good addition to the provided install
>   media? Does it actually solve shortcomings of the existing media?
> If people think it's a nice CD to work with, I could consider
> integrating it into release(7). Thanks!
I have, for longer than I can count, create my own livecds because the media
that's produced have a shortcoming for some reason or other.

Your CDs won't reach as many people as possible, I fear.  I fear because I
(for example) have no amd64 systems and just by the name of the snapshot cd
image i need to have to use your script, I won't be able to use the final

FYI, an i386 OS can run on amd64 bit chips, with the same rules that apply.

However, the mfsroot/tmpfs hooks i'm interested to see, so I am looking over
your script.

I have a script that will build a i386 system from the ground up.  I keep
hacking it as my needs change.  I'll provide it if people would rather have
a "virgin" livecd based on the install cd sets or if it's better to have a
patched one.

Thanks for the email, i'll look at it.

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