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Sat Oct 10 11:07:35 UTC 2009

On Sat, 10 Oct 2009 06:21, alexbestms@ wrote:
> of course sysinstall has a ton of problems and should be replaced. no doubt
> about it. but look at it from this angle:

You should really ask what the FreeBSD angle on this is. It is really well 
versed and well planned out and covers many areas among many people which 
make the installer a very versatile yet very controversial thing to replace.

> current developers don't seem to have any interest in improving sysinstall. so
> it's important to get new people involved in freebsd. and the way to do that
> is with an attractive looking installer and an easy installation process imo.

There has been a lot of expressed interest in replacing the installed 
multiple times in the past with unsaid I believe 3 projects going on right 
now (someone correct me if I'm wrong) everywhere from graphical to script.

> sure a good installer doesn't make a good os. but let's face it. when you've
> been running windows for a few years and finally want to switch to something
> else you're likely looking for an os which doesn't frighten you off right at
> the start (which freebsd sort of does).

When you have been running windows for a few years and you have decided to 
research your options you have kept a open mind and willingness to see 
what else is out there before you have passed judgment upon something 
because of its colors. More people search for functionality and use before 
practical looks.

> so i think having a good looking installer is more than just eyecandy. i don't
> think hardcore developers who prefer working with a bare X and vi(m)/emacs and
> so forth should look down on people who are slowly starting to get involved in
> an os, because without new people freebsd will someday be dead.
> alex

Certainly not going to be dead. Forums as of this email have 8,334 
registered users alone. That's not counting all the Corporate entities, 
Yahoo if you may and Google if you will plus uncountable more.


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