vkernel & GSoC, some questions

Jeremie Le Hen jeremie at le-hen.org
Wed Mar 19 07:27:20 UTC 2008

On Sun, Mar 16, 2008 at 11:42:57AM +0200, Jordan Gordeev wrote:
> > vkernel is similar to User Mode Linux technology. You can boot vkernel as a
> > user mode process. I think it will be good to have similar in FreeBSD.
> > There are several links:
> > http://leaf.dragonflybsd.org/mailarchive/users/2007-01/msg00237.html
> > http://www.dragonflybsd.org/docs/articles/vkernel/vkernel.shtml
> >
> >  
>  The two links that Andrey posted are very good. I just want to add a short 
>  summary:
>  A vkernel is a kernel running as a user process under a real kernel. The 
>  vkernel runs in the CPU's priviledge ring 3. It services its child processes 
>  like a normal kernel, but whenever a page table needs to be modified, 
>  context switched, or some other privileged operation needs to be executed, 
>  the vkernel asks the real kernel through a syscall interface.

True, but ISTR that contrary to User-Mode Linux, the virtual memory
operations are handled by the host kernel, which should increase speed.
I have no pointer for this, I've got this information on #dragonflybsd.

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