moving FreeBSD installation disk1 to an USB stick

Matthias Apitz guru at
Thu Jun 19 08:27:44 UTC 2008


I'm preparing the installation of FreeBSD 7.0 on an Asus eeePC which has
no CD/DVD drive for the installation (and I have no external CD driver
with USB):

My idea is to 'copy' somehow the FreeBSD 7.0 installation disk1 to an
USB stick of 1 GByte; there is some kind of recipe how to put a boot-able
system onto such an USB stick, like;
but this is not what I want; I want to boot the stick (of course) and
run the 'sysinstall' having the complete disk1 on the stick;

maybe it is an option making only the file system on the stick and the
boot sector and fill in a dump of the file system of disk1, with some
minor changes that after booting it uses the USB as CD device?

any other ideas?

Thx in advance

Matthias Apitz
e <matthias.apitz at> - w
Irland - EU 1:0

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