FreeBSD hotplugging (Hal) info

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Mon Jun 16 14:14:31 UTC 2008

Quoting Chuck Robey <chuckr at> (from Mon, 16 Jun 2008  
09:40:51 -0400):

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> Konrad Jankowski wrote:
>>> Replying to my own mail, I realize I've worded this badly ... what  
>>> I meant is,
>>> does any part of FreeBSD's base make any use of Hal's (the  
>>> hardware abstraction
>>> layer) API?  If it does, and you could tell me where that is  
>>> (because I can't
>> Base definitely doesn't use it.
>> All you can find in base is devd.
> Well, good news and bad.  Dropping the bad news first, I can't grep  
> for hal or
> dbus anywhere in the devd src dir, which I think might mean it's not a direct
> user or propagator of hal.  OTOH, devd's man page lists devctl, which seems
> mightily interesting, and could extremely likely be adapted into reporting to
> hal directly.

devctl is reporting to devd. There's no relationship to HAL.

> My immediate worry is something I picked up from the devctl man  
> page, that it is
> meant for a single reader.  Does that mean that I am somehow prevented from
> sharing it to both devd (or devfs) AND hal, both?  Or, do I manually  
> (well, via
> script) create an extra devctl node?  Or, maybe, am I knocking on the door of
> the wrong mailing list?

You can let devd issue commands in arrival/departure.

> Please let me know, my stubborn streak has seen me too close to the ending of
> this driver of mine to consider stopping now, I just MUST answer this last
> feature worry of mine.

Ask on gnome@ about dbus, and on x11@ about the X11 HAL stuff.


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