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Mon Jun 16 13:51:42 UTC 2008

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Konrad Jankowski wrote:
>> Replying to my own mail, I realize I've worded this badly ... what I meant is,
>> does any part of FreeBSD's base make any use of Hal's (the hardware abstraction
>> layer) API?  If it does, and you could tell me where that is (because I can't
> Base definitely doesn't use it.
> All you can find in base is devd.

Well, good news and bad.  Dropping the bad news first, I can't grep for hal or
dbus anywhere in the devd src dir, which I think might mean it's not a direct
user or propagator of hal.  OTOH, devd's man page lists devctl, which seems
mightily interesting, and could extremely likely be adapted into reporting to
hal directly.

My immediate worry is something I picked up from the devctl man page, that it is
meant for a single reader.  Does that mean that I am somehow prevented from
sharing it to both devd (or devfs) AND hal, both?  Or, do I manually (well, via
script) create an extra devctl node?  Or, maybe, am I knocking on the door of
the wrong mailing list?

Please let me know, my stubborn streak has seen me too close to the ending of
this driver of mine to consider stopping now, I just MUST answer this last
feature worry of mine.
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