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Sat Jun 14 18:16:28 UTC 2008

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Chuck Robey wrote:
> I have finished doing all the work and investigation (and test program writing)
> I need to do, for all of the usb aspects of my  grapghic tablet Xorg Xinput
> driver (well, THEY call it a driver).  Yes, I know I've been owrking on it for a
> while now, but I need to move slowly for personal reasons.  I can see that, for
> very up to date modules, Xorg wants to have hotplugging to work in their input
> drivers.  My work contemplates using the existing FreeBSD devices (my test
> program uses uhid very nicely).  So, I was wondering if anyone knows of any sort
> of software working in FreeBSD that doesn hotplugging (using dbus would be the
> way that Xorg contemplates), then could you tell me what it is, so I can look at it?
> I've already read up on dbus; it seems to be a messaging thing, so I just want
> to see some example of how dbus would see use in FreeBSD.  I figure, since the
> devices I'm working on are quite inexpensive (about 60 bucks for a 8" by 6"
> model), it might just turn out to be popular, if I do a really good job of this.
>  That's why I want to cross every T, dot every I.  I was going ahead and
> adapting my test program to the Xinput example I have, when I realized I need
> the hotplugging feature.

Replying to my own mail, I realize I've worded this badly ... what I meant is,
does any part of FreeBSD's base make any use of Hal's (the hardware abstraction
layer) API?  If it does, and you could tell me where that is (because I can't
find it myself) then I could find the sourvce code and read it myself, so you
don't need to give me some big tutorial, just point it out if you're aware of
it.  I said "where that it", I mean, just give me the name, I can find out where
with the name in hand, obviously.
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