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Fri Jun 13 19:34:42 UTC 2008

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I have finished doing all the work and investigation (and test program writing)
I need to do, for all of the usb aspects of my  grapghic tablet Xorg Xinput
driver (well, THEY call it a driver).  Yes, I know I've been owrking on it for a
while now, but I need to move slowly for personal reasons.  I can see that, for
very up to date modules, Xorg wants to have hotplugging to work in their input
drivers.  My work contemplates using the existing FreeBSD devices (my test
program uses uhid very nicely).  So, I was wondering if anyone knows of any sort
of software working in FreeBSD that doesn hotplugging (using dbus would be the
way that Xorg contemplates), then could you tell me what it is, so I can look at it?

I've already read up on dbus; it seems to be a messaging thing, so I just want
to see some example of how dbus would see use in FreeBSD.  I figure, since the
devices I'm working on are quite inexpensive (about 60 bucks for a 8" by 6"
model), it might just turn out to be popular, if I do a really good job of this.
 That's why I want to cross every T, dot every I.  I was going ahead and
adapting my test program to the Xinput example I have, when I realized I need
the hotplugging feature.

Thanks for any help.
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