what happened to make world?

Pietro Cerutti gahr at gahr.ch
Thu Aug 30 12:41:50 PDT 2007

Jose-Marcio Martins da Cruz wrote:
> Pietro Cerutti wrote:
>> # make world
>> Now, THIS is quite funny... do you really thing that a person with
>> - root access
>> - the knowledge of the existence of "make world"
>> needs this sort of things?
>> I didn't see anything about this new-wave-of-user-friendly-bsd going on
>> the list.. have I missed something?
> Take a look in the first, say, 20 lines of /usr/src/Makefile or read
> /usr/src/UPDATING

# $FreeBSD: src/Makefile,v 1.319.2.6 2007/03/28 08:46:02 ru Exp $
# The user-driven targets are:
# universe            - *Really* build *everything* (buildworld and
#                       all kernels on all architectures).
# buildworld          - Rebuild *everything*, including glue to help do
#                       upgrades.
# installworld        - Install everything built by "buildworld".
# world               - buildworld + installworld.
# buildkernel         - Rebuild the kernel and the kernel-modules.
# installkernel       - Install the kernel and the kernel-modules.
# installkernel.debug
# reinstallkernel     - Reinstall the kernel and the kernel-modules.
# reinstallkernel.debug
# kernel              - buildkernel + installkernel.
# update              - Convenient way to update your source tree (cvs).
# check-old           - Print a list of old files/directories in the system.
# delete-old          - Delete obsolete files and directories interactively.

... so what?
Can't find any info about this in /usr/src/UPDATING. Can you?

I'm not saying that I can't figure out how to make world again. I just
don't agree with the decision to put that stupid message in Makefile.

I suppose that a person typing make world as root already knows what
she's going to do.

Pietro Cerutti

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