process freeze (state *inp)

Julian D. Seifert alamar at
Sat Aug 25 05:13:09 PDT 2007

> The "*inp" state means that the thead is blocked on a mutex named "inp",
> probably a lock for an inpcb (internet protocol control block: IP-specific
> data about a socket).  The network stack locking had a _lot_ of changes in
> 6.x, and backporting them is probably very non-trivial.  I'd definitely
> suggest updating to 6.2 (or even 6-stable) as there are many more bugs
> fixed in 6.x whereas 5.x does not receive hardly any bug fixes at this
> point.

Thank you for this bit of very interesting information.
This actually convinced me to move up to 6.2.
(I formerly tried to avoid this as I'm a little bit frightened by the 
 idea of upgrading from 5.5-rls to 6.2-rls)

Are there some things I really should think of? (Besides making a Backup?)
(I'm using
 as a reference and checked the RLS notes of 6.2)

	Julian D. `alamar` Seifert

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