vlan taggging on etherchannel

Mohacsi Janos mohacsi at niif.hu
Tue Aug 21 02:53:42 PDT 2007

Dear All,
 	What is the recommended way to configure vlan interfaces on 
etherchannel bonded interfaces in a failure mode. I found, that 
etherchannel is supported by ng_fec(4) (but not exactly what I want) and 
also found that there two? way of configuring vlans: vlan(4) and 
ng_vlan(4). But I did not found any description or configuration snippet 
to configure both preferentially via /etc/rc.conf neither in FreeBSD 
6.x-stable, neither in FreeBSD-7.0-current. What I want to achieve:

   [switch1]-----GE---bge0----\    /----vlan100
   [switch2]-----FE---bge1----/    \----vlan102

I would like to  prefer all the vlans via bge0 with GE towards switch1. 
And use only bge1 in case of switch1 or bge0 link failure.

I could use bond on Linux for this purpose. How to achieve similar setup?

Best Regards,

Janos Mohacsi
Network Engineer, Research Associate, Head of Network Planning and Projects
Key 70EF9882: DEC2 C685 1ED4 C95A 145F  4300 6F64 7B00 70EF 9882

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