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Thu Aug 23 03:25:43 PDT 2007

"shyam burkule" <shyam.linux at> writes:
> I am new to freeBSD .I am doing engineering from india...and doing my
> graduate project in memory management area.I really need a patch that
> implements page replecement in freeBSD or patch that implement
> *Unified Buffer Management Scheme (by Jong Min Kim, Jongmoo Choi,
> Jesung Kim, Sam H.  Noh,Sang Lyul Min, Yookun Cho, Chong Sang Kim) *in
> freeBSD .......if you have idea please tell me...

FreeBSD already does page replacement.  You can't have virtual memory
without it.  I suggest you start by reading _Modern Operating Systems_
by Andrew Tannenbaum, then read the article in question (citeseer entry:, then do your own homework.

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