Is anyone working on a port of ZFS to FreeBSD

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Wed May 31 21:09:37 PDT 2006

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> I realize how hard getting write support for one of those is, for 
> certain.    You'd still have to go through the labor with ZFS though, 
> unless you are talking about read-only support for it.  I don't know 
> much about licensing stuff...

Well ... one thing we can't underestimate is that SUN would actually like a
port (noticed all the good PR for them Dtrace for FreeBSD has brought?) and is
willing to cooperate: not coding but at least saying what to do, explaining the
code, etc. Reiser doesn't care and SGI is clearly busy with other problems and
hasn't really cared at all either.

> > NetBSD has a Journalling Google SoC, definitely interesting if they get
> far.
> > 
> >     Pedro.
> We did too last year, but it didn't complete.  I think Scott Long is 
> back looking at it again (I've seen some hints of life in the p4 repo).
> Eric
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