Is anyone working on a port of ZFS to FreeBSD

Eric Anderson anderson at
Wed May 31 20:50:13 PDT 2006

pfgshield-freebsd at wrote:
> --- Eric Anderson <anderson at> ha scritto: 
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>> ZFS surely is cool, but I'm not sure how much it benefits FreeBSD 
>> compared to something like journaling, or adding features to our 
>> existing filesystem, or even write support for one of the already ported 
>> read-only filesystems we have (like XFS, or reiserfs).
> I'm afraid adding write support to XFS or reiserfs is not easy, and then
> there's the license issue. ZFS might not have the best license either but we
> can work with it. Apple's updated HFS license is also something that could be
> worked with but Apple is interested in ZFS too so it must have something
> interesting ;-).

I realize how hard getting write support for one of those is, for 
certain.    You'd still have to go through the labor with ZFS though, 
unless you are talking about read-only support for it.  I don't know 
much about licensing stuff...

> NetBSD has a Journalling Google SoC, definitely interesting if they get far.
>     Pedro.

We did too last year, but it didn't complete.  I think Scott Long is 
back looking at it again (I've seen some hints of life in the p4 repo).


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