Formatting time in kernel

Ulf Lilleengen lulf at
Fri May 26 13:58:55 PDT 2006


I've been looking through the kernel code the past few days, but I have not found
what I'm looking for, which is a way to format "struct timeval" for output 
in the same matter as the ctime(3) in the standard libc. I keep thinking how this part of the code
should not be in kernel because of this, but things will be vastly more
complicated if not because of the whole gvinum structure. (This is for use in
the gvinum dumpconfig option I'm working on, and I'm not sure if it's really that important
showing the creation time, but that's a different discussion).

I could ofcourse write my own, but I thought I'd just ask here.

Thanks in advance
Mvh Ulf Lilleengen

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