A2DP (stereo bluetooth)

David Gilbert dgilbert at dclg.ca
Fri May 26 09:00:46 PDT 2006

Has anyone considered A2DP support on FreeBSD?  I did a quick search
--- and it would appear that we havn't mastered bluetooth headsets
yet, but I thought I'd ask.

For the uninitated, A2DP is the "Advanced Audio Distribution Profile"
for bluetooth.  An example device would be the iPhono (420 and 450)
from Bluetake.  They are stereo cordless headphones.  They also suport
the AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) which allows track
up/down and play/pause.  The same unit also supports headset and
handsfree profiles --- and includs a mic --- so they're generally

Anyways... The audio quality coming from my Treo is excellent, and I'd
like to use them with my laptop, too.


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