Sysinstall sucks

Maslan maslanbsd at
Wed May 17 10:39:47 PDT 2006

> Strange enough, since sysinstall writes to disk ONLY after you set all
> options and press YES.  BTW at (1) you write that sysinstall had
> finished before your MBR was wiped out.  So did sysinstall finish, or it
> catch the some signal?
> Stas

It didn't run at all fdisk, it catch a some signal and crash.
I didn't need to repartation since i've already 2 bsd slices each has
each own partitions so i just clicked on the labeling step and make
some changes to the partitions inside the already bsd slice (ad0s4).
Then everything contiued normally, and the system has been installed.
but i found grub (installed on MBR with files on linux ext3 partition)
gives as i remember error 22, i booted my slack cd and run cfdisk and
found that parititions is no longer available and marked as empty
I used gpart and fixed the problem, and i didn't need to re-install
anything. even the newly installed freebsd system was preserved.

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