Sysinstall sucks

Stas Myasnikov myst at
Wed May 17 08:26:06 PDT 2006


> I was updating my system from 5.4 to 6.1, i did a fresh install, but
> after sysinstall finishes it had damaged the MBR.


> I have 1 ext3 partitions and 2 ufs partitions, one for dfly and the
> other for fbsd.
> The other thing that during the installation i wanted to repartition,
> but when i click partitioning, sysintall catch a signal and terminate,

Strange enough, since sysinstall writes to disk ONLY after you set all 
options and press YES.  BTW at (1) you write that sysinstall had 
finished before your MBR was wiped out.  So did sysinstall finish, or it 
catch the some signal?


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