David S. Madole david at madole.net
Wed May 10 14:03:29 UTC 2006

marcel245 at mweb.co.za wrote:
>    Now i =ave tried the likes of "ipfw add divert natd all from
>    10.150.200.= 35 to via tun0"
>     And that does not work.   Ive tried many examples. And cannot come right
That is fine, but you need to make sure the packets for both directions 
of the connections go through natd.

Without seeing your entire set of ipfw rules and configuration, I can't 
suggest exactly what to do, but remember the outgoing packets will match 
addresses before NAT (on the inside of natd) and the incoming will match 
after NAT (on the outside of natd).

Assuming that is the address you are NATing to, something 
similar to this should work:

00001 divert natd ip from to xmit via tun0
00002 divert natd ip from any to recv via tun0

Adjust to suit your own configuration.


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