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Fri Jul 28 01:33:43 UTC 2006

In <20060728011343.GB51284 at megan.kiwi-computer.com>, Rick C. Petty <rick-freebsd at kiwi-computer.com> typed:
> Mike Meyer wrote:
> >Boxes are cheaper than disk space - my last two low-end boxes cost
> >less than my last small disk drive, even though I ordered them all
> >about the same time. If you can afford the disk for some process, then
> >chances are good you can afford a system instead, or as well.
> I'm not sure how that's even possible.  A quick glance at newegg.com:
> $17.99 (+$6.13)	[recertified] socket A motherboard
> $39.99		[oem] AMD Duron socket A processor
> $13.99 (+$4.99)	128MB RAM
> ===============
> $71.97 (+$11.12 shipping) = $83.09.
> This is assuming you have an extra case, power supply, and video card to
> throw in it.  What do you consider a "small disk drive"?  Newegg has a 40G
> for $39.99 + $5.64 shipping.  Yeah, so small disk drives seem to be half
> the price of the cheapest possible "box".  Feel free to enlighten me, I'd
> love to know where you shop that has a system under US$50 !!!!!

"Small disk drive" means "smaller than any drive I can buy at the
local Best Buy/Circuit City/CompUSA/similar". At the time, I needed an
80GB drive, and paid about $60 for it.

Try http://www.pcretro.com/. Their current special is the Dell
PowerEdge 6350 (dual CPU, 255MB ram, 2 9GB hot swap drives on separate
controllers) for $49.95. The boxes I bought had a mouse and keyboard
included, no monitor or speakers. Not that I cared - I tossed the
mouse and keyboard on the spare parts pile and plugged them into a

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