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Oliver Fromme olli at lurza.secnetix.de
Thu Jul 20 11:14:29 UTC 2006

Alex Zbyslaw wrote:
 > Oliver Fromme wrote:
 > > From your dmesg excerpt it seems that you have at least
 > > three USB controllers in that machine.  Depending on your
 > > requirements, it might make sense to disable all of them
 > > _except_ one, and then connect your USB devices to that
 > > one controller (using additional USB hubs if necessary).
 > > Of course, the controller that you keep enabled should be
 > > the one that's causing the least problems (which seems to
 > > be uhci1 "USB-B" in your case, if I read your first email
 > Thanks for the suggestion.  Can you tell me how to disable specific 
 > controllers?  Were you thinking BIOS? or FreeBSD?

I meant to say to disable them in the BIOS.  I'm afraid
there is no generic way to disable specific devices in
FreeBSD anymore.

 > Can device.hints do this?  uhci man page is somewhat brief.

No, uhci doesn't use hints (in theory, however, it wouldn't
be difficult to add support for "hints.uhci.X.disabled", I
think).  Most of the device hints can only be used for legacy
(non-PnP) ISA devices.

 > I'm not sure which of those controllers I might actually need and it 
 > might be none of them.  The USB requirement is because there is a DRAC 
 > (remote console) card which simulates a USB keyboard/mouse and offhand 
 > I'm not sure what they are connected to.

Should be easy to find out.  Just look at dmesg or the
output from "usbdevs -v".  You should be able to see to
which controller the ums/ukbd of your remote console are

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