"swiN: clock sio" process taking 75% CPU

Deomid Ryabkov myself at rojer.pp.ru
Tue Jul 18 14:55:12 UTC 2006

Gareth McCaughan wrote:

> About 6 minutes after booting (on three occasions, but I
> don't guarantee this doesn't vary), a process (well, a
> kernel interrupt thread, I guess) that appears in the
> output of "ps" as "[swi4: clock sio]" begins to use
> about 3/4 of the machine's CPU.

I recall seeing similar behavior on a Sun V20z, running 5.x at the time.
I have definitely seen a lot of interrupts and CPU usage on the sio interrupt
corresponding to serial console. Needless to say there was no activity
on the console itself.
I think turning off serial console solved that for me.

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