kern/99979: Get Ready for Kernel Module in C++

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Wed Jul 12 19:22:15 UTC 2006

Mike Meyer wrote:

> In <20060712141029.35239.qmail at>, pfgshield-freebsd at typed:
>> C++ is the de-facto standard for OO: a lot of people know how to use it
> Oh gods, does this bring to mind lots (and *lots*) of scathing
> commentary. I'll restrict myself to just one:
> Windows is the de-facto standard OS: a lot of people know how to use
> it.
> We're bright enough to know that popularity doesn't imply technical
> excellence, otherwise we wouldn't be on a FreeBSD list. Having avoided
> that trap in the choice of platform, doesn't it behoove us to avoid it
> elswhere?

I believe that your idea is identical to those of FreeBSD patriarchs.

CSRG of UC Berkeley has been disbanded for 10 years. The fair aureole
has been removed for ever. Now, FreeBSD is only an OS product, playing
a real part somewhat similar to that of GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows
or other OS's.

Today, desktop PC and professional multi-CPU server are becoming
more and more powerful, and more and more complicated.

If you take USB PC camera, MP3 player, digital camera, digital vidicon,
video decoder (E.g. Philips 7130/7134), USB MIDI, USB xDSL MODEM,
AC97 MODEM in laptop, 802.11 wireless adapter and many others all as toys,


can FreeBSD support NUMA feature of multi-CPU server?
Can FreeBSD support parallel computing interconnection device?
Can FreeBSD support PCMCIA GSM/CDMA module useful for outdoor worker?

Without keeping up with this epoch, even if FreeBSD's code is kept
absolutely "pristine", "neat" and "high-blooded", FreeBSD will 
become an antique only to enjoy in old hands.

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