kern/99979: Get Ready for Kernel Module in C++

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at
Wed Jul 12 09:00:36 UTC 2006

On Tue, 2006-Jul-11 21:26:09 +0200, pfgshield-freebsd at wrote:
>I think it would be really nice to have the IOKit, or a lookalike that uses
>kobj(), available on FreeBSD. Another interesting experiment that I've
>mentioned before is OpenBFS:

I think the general concensus is that it's up to one of the proponents
of this to actually implement it and demonstrate that it works and has
no undesirable side-effects.

>- Nicer code 
>- Easier to maintain 

These are both very subjective.  For someone who isn't comfortable with
C++, I doubt either are true.

Peter Jeremy
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