kern/99979: Get Ready for Kernel Module in C++

pfgshield-freebsd at pfgshield-freebsd at
Tue Jul 11 19:26:11 UTC 2006

FWIW and just IMHO;

I think it would be really nice to have the IOKit, or a lookalike that uses
kobj(), available on FreeBSD. Another interesting experiment that I've
mentioned before is OpenBFS:

"OpenBFS, as all file systems under BeOS, is being developed as a kernel
add-on. Unlike all other file systems (and kernel add-ons in general), it is
being developed in C++. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to use C++
in the kernel provided you play by the book and follow some rules:

- No exceptions 
- (Almost) no virtuals (well, the Query code in OpenBFS uses them) 
- It's basically only the C++ syntax, and type checking 
- Since one tend to encapsulate everything in classes, it has a slightly higher
memory overhead 

This is acceptable as we get some benefits out of it: 
- Nicer code 
- Easier to maintain 



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