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Mon Jul 10 09:23:40 UTC 2006

Quoting zarko bulatovic <zb10948 at> (from Mon, 10 Jul 2006  
04:09:15 -0700):

[CCing multimedia@, where more people interested in this topic listen]

> Are there any projects regarding this topic? I recently started coding

I'm not aware of one.

> kernel modules, however, there are some design issues involving "way"
> of MIDI implementation, so i hoped to contact somebody who's working on
> the same thing, or to join develop. team if there is any project
> underway.

I just imported the old "new" midi code. It was not finished, but can  
at least be used for some situations. Any patches which improve the  
midi code are welcome.


The rest of the mail for the benefit of multimadia@:

> Anyways, the first dillema i have is about softsynth rendering,
> naturally early-stage drivers wouldn't use sc's onboard wavetables and
> their hardware means of MIDI rendering, so i would rather use software
> MIDI playback. Usage of hardware functionality should come later. The
> thing that bugs me, is it worth coding this inside of kernel module?
> Meaning that some /dev device inputs midi messages to kern.module,
> witch uses built-in software synthessis based on SF2 specification for
> MIDI rendering. There are already userland programs that do that, like
> timidiy and fluidsynth. Maybe it would be better to start on hardware
> functionalty at once, eg. pure device drivers that control soundcard's
> MIDI port, however, allaround kernel module should bring a decent
> degree of standardization. This is the way software MIDI is implemented
> on Windows and MacOSX, kernel mode rendering through software
> synthersizer (altrough i think they use DLS synthessis rather than SF2,
> but that really isnt important). So the question is, what is the best
> goal for MIDI on FreeBSD, a quickest way of controlling external
> synths/MIDI hardware (meaning ditch the software synth and set your
> mind on various hardware specs), or an all-around MIDI drivers
> providing playback without "3rd party" userland apps?
> Thank you in advance.
> Zarko Bulatovic
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