Konstantin Prokazoff kprokazov at svr.kiev.ua
Mon Nov 21 08:16:33 GMT 2005

Welcome everybody,

    have a strange issue under 5.x/6.x (checked).
    When using a poll()/select() mechanism, which in kernel based on
selrecord/selwakeup (pollscan, kern_select) functions, we have deadlock on
sellock mutex on heavy load (recursive lock on non-recursive mutex). Have
anyone seen this? Deadlock can be reached only if kernel w'be compiled with
debugger, because in different case system locks, your can't login, etc.
Maybe one path to resolve - change behavour of sched_lock & sellock mutexes
block/unblock order.
    Thnx in advance & for comments.

Best regards,
        Konstantin Prokazoff
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