VIA RAID controller problem

Marcin Simonides marcin at
Wed Nov 16 10:45:12 GMT 2005

Orestis Papakonstantinou wrote:

> I recently purchased a laptop (Amilo M3438G) that uses VIA's VT6421 RAID
> controller. I have problem installing FreeBSD (6.0) on that laptop because
> compatibility layer after the install). Has anyone with similar hardware
> found a solution? Thanks for your time!

I'm using a similar VIA VT6420 with FreeBSD 6.0 though the system is 
installed on a single IDE disk and only uses VIA's RAID for /usr.

I've had problems with RAID0 (I'm going to post more information soon, I 
need to make a few tests), but I think RAID1 should work fine (I haven't 
Marcin Simonides

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