Call for FreeBSD status reports

Max Laier max at
Thu Jul 14 19:16:47 GMT 2005

This is a friendly reminder that we are collecting status reports.  
Submissions are due tomorrow (July 15).  If you are planning to submit 
something, but won't be able to make the formal deadline - please let us 
know, we are willing to extend the deadline a bit for a broader turnout.

Looking forward to receiving your reports!

On Wednesday 06 July 2005 16:24, I wrote:
> All,
> Three month of fruitful development have passed since the last round of
> FreeBSD status reports, and the release of FreeBSD 6.0 is on the
> doorstep.  We hope that you made good progress on your projects and have
> interesting news to share.  Please do so by sending a status report to
> monthly at  Submissions are due by July 15, 2005.
> Reports should cover activities during May to June, but may of course cover
> earlier work as well.  In addition we encourage you to use the "Open Tasks"
> section to recruit help for your project and point out future direction.
> Submissions are *not* limited to FreeBSD developers with commit rights!  It
> is open to everybody who is doing FreeBSD related work and wants to share
> progress with the community.  The status reports are also a good vehicle to
> gather interested people for you WIP.
> We have introduced a new category called "soc" to pool reports related to
> Google Summer of Code.  We hope for interesting news from that corner!
> To help you with fileing your report you will find a webform or
> xml-template linked from (as soon as
> the www build completes).
> Submissions are due on July 15.  Thanks a lot, and we are hoping for a big
> turn-out.

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