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Wed Jul 6 14:24:13 GMT 2005


Three month of fruitful development have passed since the last round of 
FreeBSD status reports, and the release of FreeBSD 6.0 is on the 
doorstep.  We hope that you made good progress on your projects and have 
interesting news to share.  Please do so by sending a status report to 
monthly at  Submissions are due by July 15, 2005.

Reports should cover activities during May to June, but may of course cover 
earlier work as well.  In addition we encourage you to use the "Open Tasks" 
section to recruit help for your project and point out future direction.

Submissions are *not* limited to FreeBSD developers with commit rights!  It is 
open to everybody who is doing FreeBSD related work and wants to share 
progress with the community.  The status reports are also a good vehicle to 
gather interested people for you WIP.

We have introduced a new category called "soc" to pool reports related to 
Google Summer of Code.  We hope for interesting news from that corner!

To help you with fileing your report you will find a webform or xml-template 
linked from (as soon as the www build 

Submissions are due on July 15.  Thanks a lot, and we are hoping for a big 

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