Your message to Philip Hazel

Philip Hazel ph10 at
Fri Jun 27 06:10:48 PDT 2003


This message is being sent to you automatically because you sent email to
Philip Hazel, and you are not somebody with whom I have previously

I have had to install some defences against unsolicited mail, because it got to
the point where 90% of what I was receiving was junk. For example, one morning
recently I arrived at work to find I had only 5 real messages out of 66.

(If you are a previous correspondent, then my attempts to whitelist you have
clearly failed; this might have happened if you have mailed from a different
address, or if the envelope sender of your messages is different to the From:
lines. My apologies.)

If you are trying to send me unsolicited advertising of any kind, or requests 
for "urgent assistance", please go away. Even if you manage to get a message
through to me, I will not read it, or respond to it in any way.

If you are trying to send me a genuine message, please re-send the message with 
the following code included in the Subject line:

Once I have established that you are a genuine correspondent, your address will 
be added to my whitelist, and you will not have to go through this procedure 
again. The code above is valid for a few days.

I am sorry that I have to make you do this in order to contact me. I left my 
mailbox open to all as long as I could, but the scum of the Internet have now 
got so numerous that the amount of rubbish has become too overwhelming without 
some automatic filtering.

Philip Hazel 

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