Sound Juicer and audio CD problems after 2.22

Scott Nicholson atomicplayboy at
Tue Apr 1 22:19:36 UTC 2008

On Mar 31, 2008, at 11:13 PM, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:

> On Mon, 2008-03-31 at 22:33 -0700, Scott Nicholson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I recently updated Gnome to 2.22, following the update instructions,
>> and had a fairly successful run. One issue that I am having is a
>> problem with audio CDs not mounting, giving the error dialogue:
>> "Unable to mount Audio Disc    Location is not mountable".
> We do not build the gvfs CDDA backend due to a version mismatch with  
> our
> libcdio (the port needs to be updated to 0.78.2 or higher).  This  
> error
> is harmless.

Duly ignored then. Thank you.

>> As a test, I ran gnome cdplayer, which played the disc just fine.
>> Totem did not, although I'm not sure if Totem is supposed to. I don't
>> really mind if Gnome auto mounts audio discs, as all I do is rip them
>> into MP3s. The only reason I mention it is that it might have
>> something to do with the Sound Juicer problem. With the CD in the
>> drive, I run Sound Juicer and get the error dialogue:
>> "Could not read CD    Sound Juicer could not access the CD-ROM device
>> '3,1,0' Reason: No such file or directory"
> This points to a hal problem, but I cannot reproduce.  Sound-juicer  
> (and
> rhythmbox) properly access the CD, and fetch the CDDB data.  This  
> might
> also have something to do with some bad GConf data.  You might try
> creating a new account, and see if this problem is seen there.  You
> should also go through the media mounting question in the HAL FAQ at
> to make sure everything
> there checks out.

I went through the HAL FAQ before I came here. Great info, by the way.  
I created a new account on my system and tried reproducing the  
problem. It worked without flaw. Turns out that, by default, it uses a  
blank value in the 'device' string under gconf. Put that under my own  
user profile and, success. Would it be wise to remove my current gconf  
profile and start from scratch, or should it not matter that much? Any  
other configuration info that might be stale from previous versions?  
I've been using gnome on this machine for some time.

Not satisfied with mere success, I tried to figure out what went  
wrong. After some tinkering, I discovered that my original problem was  
likely caused by changing which CD device I was trying to rip with. I  
have two and, I believe, I was attempting to get a cleaner rip on a  
scratched CD by trying the other. Doing so caused the 'device' string  
in gconf to become the scsi address. It looks like, when the default  
device is changed, breakage occurs. Both devices work by passing the '- 
d /dev/cdX' flag at the command prompt. I suppose I can just avoid  
using the alternate device for now, but it seems like a possible bug?  
Has anyone had success in changing the default device in sound juicer?

>> The application then loads, but with no tracks listed. The pass  
>> device
>> is writable by all, as is the xpt0 and cd1, and 'camcontrol devlist'
>> lists '3,1,0' as it's address. If I run Sound Juicer at a command
>> prompt, passing the '-d /dev/cd1' flag, the application runs and
>> extracts the tracks.
>> The next problem I've been having with Sound Juicer (may or may not  
>> be
>> related) is, after the tracks are ripped and encoded, I usually  
>> import
>> a copy into my itunes library on another computer. After the update,
>> itunes is reporting unusually long and incorrect track times for the
>> songs that I have ripped since then. It also appears to be playing  
>> the
>> songs slowly. I'm using the lame gstreamer plugin with VBR options
>> enabled. As I've heard iPods have trouble with the v2.4 id3 tags that
>> the id3mux plugin uses, I've been using the xingmux plugin to add  
>> on a
>> header and am adding my own id3 tags using easytag. I know that's a
>> lot of different applications which could be causing the problem, but
>> it almost sounds to me as if xingmux isn't working correctly. XMMS
>> seems to play the mp3s without problem, so I don't know.
>> Any obvious things that I am missing? I'm using 'gnome-enable="YES"'
>> and have procfs loaded. Both dbus and hal seem to be functioning
>> properly. Data CDs automount just fine, and even DVD movies are  
>> loaded
>> and played without issue on this same drive.
> You might try using a different set of gstreamer plug-ins to try and
> isolate the extraction problem.  I haven't seen any issues with
> extraction, but I leave everything the default as I only extract CD
> audio to ogg for playing in rhythmbox.

I'll have to try that. The problem is that I have limited options when  
taking itunes and an ipod into account. Maybe I can use the id3mux  
plugin to attach the header, and use easytag to add the compatible  
version of id3. Thanks for the help.


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