Sound Juicer and audio CD problems after 2.22

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Wed Apr 2 00:02:28 UTC 2008

On Tue, 2008-04-01 at 15:19 -0700, Scott Nicholson wrote:
> I went through the HAL FAQ before I came here. Great info, by the way.  
> I created a new account on my system and tried reproducing the  
> problem. It worked without flaw. Turns out that, by default, it uses a  
> blank value in the 'device' string under gconf. Put that under my own  
> user profile and, success. Would it be wise to remove my current gconf  
> profile and start from scratch, or should it not matter that much? Any  
> other configuration info that might be stale from previous versions?  
> I've been using gnome on this machine for some time.

I only had a problem with accessibility after the 2.22 upgrade, so you
may not see other problems.  On the other hand, mezz starts from scratch
after each release.

> Not satisfied with mere success, I tried to figure out what went  
> wrong. After some tinkering, I discovered that my original problem was  
> likely caused by changing which CD device I was trying to rip with. I  
> have two and, I believe, I was attempting to get a cleaner rip on a  
> scratched CD by trying the other. Doing so caused the 'device' string  
> in gconf to become the scsi address. It looks like, when the default  
> device is changed, breakage occurs. Both devices work by passing the '- 
> d /dev/cdX' flag at the command prompt. I suppose I can just avoid  
> using the alternate device for now, but it seems like a possible bug?  
> Has anyone had success in changing the default device in sound juicer?

What options do you see in sound-juicer for CD devices?  s-j uses
nautilus-cd-burner to get its drive info, but the SCSI address path
should noly be used by apps that need to call cdrecord.


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