Newly installed gdeskcal not appearing anywhere in menus

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Mon May 29 09:57:37 PDT 2006

On Mon, 29 May 2006 04:05:57 -0500, Stacey Roberts  
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> Hello Dustin,
>       Thanks for getting back to me.
> On Mon, 29 May 2006, Dustin Coates wrote:
>> Stacey Roberts wrote:
>> >Hello,
>> >
>> Hi
>> >On a freshly built FreeBSD-6.1Stable / Gnome-2.14_1 system, gdeskcal  
>> was
>> >installed, but
>> >whereas this would have resulted in gdeskcal appearing in the menu
>> >(Applications >
>> >Accessories) prior to Gnome2.14, there is now nothing for gdeskcal
>> >anywhere in any of
>> >the menu options.
>> >
>> >Is this expected behaviour?

Yes, it looks like gdeskcal doesn't provide it.

>> >How do I add gdeskcal to the Applications menu?
>> >
>> >I also only just noticed that there's no longer a "Run application"  
>> menu
>> >item as well.
>> >This used to provide the ability to simply enter the full filesystem  
>> path
>> >to the desired
>> >application, and then be able to lauch the application that way, or  
>> create
>> >a launcher at
>> >that point, too.
>> >
>> >Is it the case that this facility is now provided for somewhere else in
>> >the menu layout?
>> >
>> >Regards,
>> >
>> >Stacey
>> >
>> For the "Run Application" Menu, you can right click the panel and goto
>> "Add to Panel" then you can add the "Run Application" from thier, or you
>> can Add the "Deskbar" which does the same thing and more, like searching
>> from google, or other search engines.
> Yes, you're referring the creating an application launcher, I take it?  
> However, the
> extension to this is the need to create one for each of the installed  
> applications that
> do not get added to the (already in place) existing menus. I guess I'm  
> asking about
> keeping the application launchers within the existing menu system.
>> For the gDeskcal Issues I would have to install it to see if it acts the
>> same, but you should be able to create a menu item for it, by right
>> clicking the "Application" menu and then going to where you want it. I
>> will try to install gDeskcal soon and see if it is a re-occuring issue.
> I have seen this procedure mentioned in the FAQ
> (, however,  
> "Right-clicking"
> Applications brings up: Help; Edit Menus; Remove from Panel and Lock to  
> Panel.
> Clicking on Edit Menus brings up a dialogue box that displays the  
> current list of
> available applications, but no facility to *Add* a new menu item, from  
> what I'm seeing.
> Again, is this expected, or is there some bits missing from my Gnome-2.14
> installation(s) (just checked on three other machines, with the same  
> results) here?

Ahem, how long did you play with that Edit Menus? ;-) You can add a new  
entry by right click in that Edit Menus.


> Thanks again.
> Regards,
> Stacey

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