xscreensaver - advanced settings for savers?

Ewald Jenisch a at jenisch.at
Fri May 5 12:53:18 UTC 2006

On Thu, May 04, 2006 at 12:57:21PM -0400, Joe Marcus Clarke wrote:
> >Here's what I've installed (i.e. screensaver-related):
> >
> >xscreensaver-gnome-hacks-4.24_1
> >gnome-screensaver-2.14.1
> You'll need to uninstall both of these and reinstall xscreensaver-gnome to 
> restore the old functionality.

Thanks for the hint - de-installing xscreensaver-gnome-hacks,
gnome-screensaver and re-installing xscreensaver-gnome perfectly did
the trick.

BTW - are there any plans to get the full functionality of
xscreensaver into gnome-screensaver (esp. settings for the various

Thanks again for your help!

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