evince so slow (compared to kpdf etc)?

Veiko Palge veiko.palge at uni-konstanz.de
Sat Apr 8 10:27:58 UTC 2006


evince (0.4.0/gnome2.12/FBSD 6.0 or 0.5.2/gnome2.14/FBSD 6.1) takes
forever to render *some* pdf documents (with other it's as fast as
kpdf), for instance this one: 


kpdf renders it in an instant, so does acrobat7.  And: so does evince
itself (0.4.0/gnome2.12) on dragonflybsd!  I dont have a linux
installation at hand to see how it works there. 

So it seems a FreeBSD specific thing to me --- can anyone confirm this? 
What might be the cause?  




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