Jono Juggler jono at mail2Juggler.com
Sat Apr 1 01:07:13 UTC 2006

Thanks for answers. I have tried several apps, including yours Phillip
and was unable to get them to work or compile.

Unfortunately I need a wireless applet on this machine because I share
it with another person who is not very computer literate. I did not mind
typing in the commands to connect to various networks, but it is not
sufficent for them. I thought FreeBSD could hang, but I had to switch to
Fedora. I'll check back in a year or so and see if any progress has been
made on this front.

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>From: Phillip Neumann
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>You can alwais use my ugly, not updated, wireless-gui wanabe proggy :-]
>hope someday have more time to make it usable...
>El mar, 28-03-2006 a las 11:31 -0800, Jono Juggler escribió:
>> Interesting. I figured the wireless applet would be a simple thing to
>> use in freebsd. I am confused since it seems that there is active
>> on the applet, like this:
>> l
>> If people are patching it, I figured they must have it running.
>> Does anyone know any sort of graphical client to find and connect to
>> available networks? My device driver works, and I can connect at the
>> command line. Or is there a way to run the Linux "NetworkManager" in
>> FreeBSD:
>> http://www.gnome.org/projects/NetworkManager/
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>>>> From: "Jono Juggler" 
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>>>> Hello, 
>>>> I have FreeBSD6 with gnomeapplets2 installed. But I cannot find the
>>>> wireless applet when I try to add applets to the panel. How do I
>> install 
>>>> the wireless-applet? 
>>>I believe that the wireless applet is dependent on HAL. The import of
>>>HAL is in progress. Until that is done, any tool depending on it will
>>>not be usable on FreeBSD. 
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