Disk mounter

Jono Juggler jono at mail2Juggler.com
Sat Apr 1 01:01:26 UTC 2006

Thanks everyone for your scripts and postings. I added this to my

It did not do exactly what I was looking for, but it was sufficient.

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>Fanz Klammer wrote:
>> Jono Juggler wrote:
>>> I am trying to get my usb thumbdrive to automount to the desktop in
>>> GNOME. I'm using a thinkpad with FreeBSD6. I cant get usbd to mount
>>> but I can do it in fstab and the command line. So I thought I would
>>> the disk mounter applet to my panel. When I added it, nothing
>>> Do I need to compile something special to install that applet?
>> hi!
>> try these python-applet i wrote for me some time. i use it
>> every day and it works for me so far.
>Very cool!
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