gnomevfs2 and kerberos5

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Wed Jun 15 03:37:33 GMT 2005

On Sun, 2005-06-05 at 13:01 -0400, Andrew Lankford wrote:
> I can't get the gnomevfs2 port to build on FreeBSD-5.4-stable.
> The reason appears to be that the port depends upon libgssapi*, which
> isn't on my system due to the fact that I defined NO_KERBEROS.  I 
> suppose I could undefine NO_KERBEROS and "make buildworld" yet again, 
> but  is Kerberos really necessary for this port? 

Yes, Kerberos is necessary for GNOME these days.  On 5.X and later, you
need the base system krb5.

>  If not, would it be 
> possible to get the gnomevfs2 port to check for NO_KERBEROS and/or 
> NO_CRYPTO before including those dependencies in the build?

This turns out to be problematic on the build clusters.  Therefore, we
have to fall back on the fact that a default base system includes
Kerberos, and that's what we will support.


> Thanks
> Andrew Lankford
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