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On Wed, 30 Jun 2004 14:52:36 -0700, Joe Kelsey <joe at zircon.seattle.wa.us>  

> On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 12:41, Punahele Tannehill wrote:
>> Having just scampered through a thread on questions@, I'm curious about  
>> people's
>> opinions and experiences are with X.org system as compared to XFree86.
>> Especially in terms of how it may or not affect future development of  
>> Gnome.
> I just replaced XFree86 with X.org.  It took quite a bit of work, even
> with the meta-port.  I had major trouble with the meta-port due to
> poorly=specified prerequisites and inability of portinstall to operate
> on it.

I have no problem here with pkgdb to replace XFree86 to xorg.

> Since upgrading, several panel applets no longer work.  The WindowList
> and WorkspaceSwitcher applets no longer start up, instead giving some
> sort of incomprehensible OAFID error which I have no idea how to fix.
> This causes much frustration, as I rely on the Window List applet to
> recover iconified applications, such as evolution.  Therefore, I can no
> longer iconify anything, leading to much frustration in my daily work.
> I assume that if I can ever solve the WindowList applet problem, then I
> see no problem with X.org.

I didn't test all applets and GNOME 2.6.x, but GNOME 2.7.x's WindowList  
and Workspace Switcher work fine here with xorg. I don't have any issue  
with GNOME 2.7.x and xorg so far. Also, I don't see any difference between  
XFree86 and xorg beside name and license.


> /Joe

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