x.org discussion

Joe Kelsey joe at zircon.seattle.wa.us
Wed Jun 30 14:52:39 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 12:41, Punahele Tannehill wrote:
> Having just scampered through a thread on questions@, I'm curious about people's 
> opinions and experiences are with X.org system as compared to XFree86. 
> Especially in terms of how it may or not affect future development of Gnome.

I just replaced XFree86 with X.org.  It took quite a bit of work, even
with the meta-port.  I had major trouble with the meta-port due to
poorly=specified prerequisites and inability of portinstall to operate
on it.

Since upgrading, several panel applets no longer work.  The WindowList
and WorkspaceSwitcher applets no longer start up, instead giving some
sort of incomprehensible OAFID error which I have no idea how to fix. 
This causes much frustration, as I rely on the Window List applet to
recover iconified applications, such as evolution.  Therefore, I can no
longer iconify anything, leading to much frustration in my daily work.

I assume that if I can ever solve the WindowList applet problem, then I
see no problem with X.org.


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