Some anti-aliassing problems in XFCE

Joe Marcus Clarke marcus at
Mon Jun 28 09:07:31 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-28 at 20:39, Sander Smid wrote:
> Hi fellow FreeBSD users,
> I'm a pretty satisfied FreeBSD user with a tiny question about antialiased
> fonts in XFCE.
> When I run some applications I get a very ugly font. I read some articles in
> the FreeBSD handbook but some applications still look very ugly. For
> instance GVIM, BlueFish, Mplayer look very ugly. But on the other hand Gaim,
> Anjuta, The Gimp, Rhythmbox look very nice.
> Does anyone knows what I'm missing here or do those applications not support
> anti aliassing yet ?!

If Gaim, Anjuta, and Gimp are anti-aliased, XFCE should be as well.  You
may want to ping the XFCE maintainer for any additional pointers.


> I'm still not a member of this mailing list but you can reach me at: s.smid
> ( @- at -@ ) chello (.-.-.-.-.) nl
> Thanks in advantage for your time,
> Sander
> Articles in the FreeBSD handbook I read:
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