Some anti-aliassing problems in XFCE

Sander Smid s.smid at
Mon Jun 28 08:39:08 PDT 2004

Hi fellow FreeBSD users,

I'm a pretty satisfied FreeBSD user with a tiny question about antialiased
fonts in XFCE.
When I run some applications I get a very ugly font. I read some articles in
the FreeBSD handbook but some applications still look very ugly. For
instance GVIM, BlueFish, Mplayer look very ugly. But on the other hand Gaim,
Anjuta, The Gimp, Rhythmbox look very nice.

Does anyone knows what I'm missing here or do those applications not support
anti aliassing yet ?!

I'm still not a member of this mailing list but you can reach me at: s.smid
( @- at -@ ) chello (.-.-.-.-.) nl

Thanks in advantage for your time,

Articles in the FreeBSD handbook I read:

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