HEADS UP: New gconf key policy

Pav Lucistnik pav at oook.cz
Thu Jun 24 00:59:50 PDT 2004

V čt, 24. 06. 2004 v 03:20, Joe Marcus Clarke píše:

> Please take a look at the latest update to archivers/fileroller, and let
> me know what you think.  This is the new gconf policy I think we need to
> adopt if we're to survive the upcoming gconf changes in GNOME 2.8 (it's
> similar to the way we handle OMF files now).  This will also make gconf
> handling much more robust with respect to plists.
> The one downside I see with this is that we will miss Makefile bugs that
> prevent proper schema installation.  One way around that is to add a
> pkg-install script to each port that installs gconf schemas, and do
> gconf registration there.  This may be more work than it's worth,
> though.
> What are people's thoughts on this?  Thanks.

Packing lists on diet! I prefer @exec/@unexec in pkg-plist over
pkg-install script, that would be bloat. Maybe add a check to portlint
to spit a correct @exec and @unexec lines if they're missing, so porters
don't have to refer to docs for the exact syntax of invocation? Just
like .omf files have it.

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