firefox - *** loading the extensions datasource

Georg-W. Koltermann gwk at
Sat Jun 19 14:18:09 PDT 2004

Am Fr, den 18.06.2004 schrieb Sean McNeil um 9:59:
> OK,
> So I have firefox working as root and it doesn't print anything when I
> run it.
> As my regular user, it print the
> *** loading the extensions datasource
> and then core dumps.  I think I have some old cruft somewhere, but I

Nobody reads release notes nowadays, I guess.  From the page at in section "
Known Issues":

      * If Firefox 0.9 is placed in a location with limited access
        privileges, it should be run by a user with access to that
        location first, so that all initial startup files are generated.
        There may be issues still where if a restricted-access user is
        the first to run the app, these files may not be generated
        properly and Firefox may enter an infinite restart loop. This
        will be fixed in a future release.

Running firefox as root once did the trick for me.


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