Need feedback/review, a big change in AbiWord2 port.

Lee Harr missive at
Wed Jun 9 19:45:13 GMT 2004

>>You do not mention, but I am wondering if you have ever tried or
>>had any success building the plugins for AbiWord?
>Well, I kind of did mentioned about AbiWord plugins. It was in the bottom  
>of email that you have stripped out, which I said, 'After collect the  
>feedbacks and commit, I will try to take the look at create a new spereate  
>port for AbiWord plugins.'

wups. sorry. missed that part.

>Here's a full answer to your question. The truth is that I am not a  
>AbiWord user, so I haven't taken a look at AbiWord plugins yet. I will  
>poke it after I commit the big changes first and I will find out more if  
>the build fail or whatever.
>>I have tried several times to build image loading plugins (.jpg
>>and .bmp specifically) but when I do this, the plugins will not load,
>>or else they crash the program.
>Is it what you mean by this feature, 'Insert -> Picture -> From file' in  
>menu? If yes, then yes it does work fine with this new AbiWord changes. I  
>am able to add *.jpg and *.png images in AbiWord. Althought, I didn't test  
>with old AbiWord for insert images.

Yes. Exactly. Previously, it has always worked fine with .png images,
but never with .jpg or .bmp

I know it is not necessarily a bad thing to teach users about the
different types of images, but then also having to train them how
to convert between them can get to be a hassle. Much easier if
they can just add all of the common image types directly.

>If no, well what's name of this plugins? Care to point me the directory?  
>Later, if you still have this problem with Insert feature then you can  
>report problem again to gnome at and we will take the look at  

I will certainly be testing this when it comes out  :o)

>>Any chance of enabling .jpg image loading by default in the port?
>If it's different from the Insert feature above, then no I will not get  
>plugins load by default. It's up to the users if they want the plugins  
>then install AbiWord-plugins (future new port) and load it.
>If it's Insert feature then yes, it is enable by default with this big  
>change. ;-)

Very nice. I think .png and .jpg by default (maybe .bmp also...?)

>>Thanks for your time.

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