Need feedback/review, a big change in AbiWord2 port.

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Wed Jun 9 04:12:48 GMT 2004

On Wed, 09 Jun 2004 03:09:15 +0000, Lee Harr <missive at> wrote:

>> I have maken a big changes in AbiWord2 port, what I have done:
> You do not mention, but I am wondering if you have ever tried or
> had any success building the plugins for AbiWord?

Well, I kind of did mentioned about AbiWord plugins. It was in the bottom  
of email that you have stripped out, which I said, 'After collect the  
feedbacks and commit, I will try to take the look at create a new spereate  
port for AbiWord plugins.'

Here's a full answer to your question. The truth is that I am not a  
AbiWord user, so I haven't taken a look at AbiWord plugins yet. I will  
poke it after I commit the big changes first and I will find out more if  
the build fail or whatever.

> I have tried several times to build image loading plugins (.jpg
> and .bmp specifically) but when I do this, the plugins will not load,
> or else they crash the program.

Is it what you mean by this feature, 'Insert -> Picture -> From file' in  
menu? If yes, then yes it does work fine with this new AbiWord changes. I  
am able to add *.jpg and *.png images in AbiWord. Althought, I didn't test  
with old AbiWord for insert images.

If no, well what's name of this plugins? Care to point me the directory?  

Later, if you still have this problem with Insert feature then you can  
report problem again to gnome at and we will take the look at  

> Any chance of enabling .jpg image loading by default in the port?

If it's different from the Insert feature above, then no I will not get  
plugins load by default. It's up to the users if they want the plugins  
then install AbiWord-plugins (future new port) and load it.

If it's Insert feature then yes, it is enable by default with this big  
change. ;-)


> Thanks for your time.

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