mozilla firebird as default web browser in gnome 2.4

Franz Klammer klammer at
Thu Nov 20 04:43:17 PST 2003

Vladimir B. Grebenschikov wrote:

>В чт, 20.11.2003, в 13:36, Nelis Lamprecht пишет:
>>I'm sure someone has posted something on this issue before but
>>unfortunately I could not find any info in archives. With mozilla
>>firebird set as my default web browser I'm having a problem when trying
>>to open url's in both gnome-terminal 2.4.1 and evolution 1.4.5 where the
>>Profile Manager pops up asking me each time what profile to use. I
>>created a profile for myself but still the problem persists and the
>>strange thing is it doesn't display the profile I created when the
>>Profile Manager appears. 
>>This only occurs when mozilla firebird is already open and when it is
>>not the url I click on opens mozilla firebird but without connecting to
>>the url, it just shows a blank page.
>>I appreciate the fact that this software is still under development but
>>was just wondering if there was a simple solution to the above.
>>Thanks for your help.

here's a script that i made for me just before some days:

--------- cut ---------
 > cat fire-start


if [ "$1x" = "x" ]; then


${FIREBIRD_CMD} -remote "ping()"  && firebird -remote ${FIREBIRD_REMOTE} 
&& exit 0

--------- cut ---------

use it instead of /usr/X11R6/bin/firebird


>Problem MozillaFirebird startup script, it does not try to use mozilla
>remote protocol before starting new copy of firebird, so you have
>questions about profiles.
>You can fix it by hands (copy remote part from mozilla startup file)
>or simply call mozilla startup script, it will open firebird windows if
>firebird already started.
>I am workaround this by my own startup script called "browser", it knows
>about number of browsers and open window in any already started browser
>or starts my favorite one.

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