More FreeBSD repo oddities - commits as root

Ed Maste emaste at
Wed Mar 4 20:00:32 UTC 2020

One other oddity that came up during git conversion experimentation is
that there were a number of commits in 1993 (in CVS) done as root.

delphij@ provided this list:
> Affected svn revisions:
> 282, 281, 238, 119, 90, 89, 88, 86, 85, 84, 83, 82, 36

For the git migration I don't think we want to do anything special
with these - just leave them as root, as we did in svn. If any folks
who were involved in 1993 know who did this work it would be
interesting to note it, but I can't imagine it's worth trying to
revise the history.

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